Celebrate National Tea Month!

A cup of tea warms the soul.

Start your 2021 wellness journey with a cup of tea daily. It's not a secret that green tea has numerous possible health benefits. Find a blend that you enjoy maybe a tasteful jasmine green tea could be your new favorite. And if not there are plenty of other green teas and other tea blends on the market that may peak your interest. Iced or hot tea is sure to please your taste buds. Grab a cup and celebrate all month long. Visit our webpage throughout the month and you will be featuring some of our favorite tea brands and tea blends. You don’t want to miss out!

Ashram Afternoon

There is always something wonderful about enjoying music that is joyful and of course peaceful. Below are a few albums we dare you to discover, listen, and enjoy. 

  • Lineage

  • FKAjazz
  • Paper Planes

  • Elina
  • Free Love

  • Sylvan Esso


FKAjazz Listen

Paper Planes

Elina listen

Free Love

Sylvan Esso Listen